That New Apartment Smell

There is just something about moving into a new apartment. The smell of the freshly cleaned carpet, the emptiness of the walls and the barrenness of the rooms, all off these things represent a new chance and a fresh beginning. Whether it is your first place, your own place or just a new place, getting a new apartment is always an exciting time. Unfortunately, it is not always the happiest of times for some. Sometimes the stress of a move or the uneasiness of a new location can bring down what could and should be a fun experience. Let’s take a look at a few ways to make sure moving into a new apartment is a positive.

First and foremost, pick a good location. More than anything you want to feel at ease in your new place and that is hard to do if you are constantly worried about being personally harmed or having your personal property taken or vandalized. Think about what makes an apartment safe. Is it a gated complex? Does it require a code to get in? If so, does everyone in town know that code, or do they change it regularly? How active is property management in ensuring the safety of their tenants? Are they constantly seeking to make things better? What part of town is the apartment complex in? Is it known as a dangerous area? The difference in rent between safe and unsafe apartment complexes may be a couple hundred dollars monthly, but what is ease of mind worth to you. What is safety worth to you?

While on the previous subject, make sure the apartment management has a solid reputation of helping its tenants. You want people that are going to be on your side if something goes wrong. If the management seems adversarial, pass on the apartment and find one where you will be appreciated as a tenant.

After you have found the right place for you, it is time to begin packing. It is best to have everything packed before the day of the big move. It is immensely stressful to be scrambling to pack everything the day of. On top of that, most people usually have help with the move. Whether it is apartment movers or friends and family, you want to have things ready so as not to waste anyone’s time. Have boxes ready for pick up and labeled where you would like to have them put in your new apartment. On the day of the move, create a positive and fun atmosphere for those involved. Have snacks and drinks available. Have music playing. Make it a party like event, and not just a chore.

Finally, make your new place home. Don’t wait weeks to unpack everything. You are not likely to feel at home with empty walls and boxes all around. Unpack everything within the first week and find a place for it all. Hang the pictures of friends and family. Unpack your kitchen first. If you have to eat out everyday because you don’t have access to your cooking utensils, you won’t feel at home. And after everything is out of boxes and in it’s place, have people over to share your new home with them. Where you live is a big part of who you are, share it with people.