Helping Students Move

Helping students move is very simple mainly because most students do not have that many possessions to move to a new location. The largest and heaviest items that will more than likely be encountered will be couches and mattresses. Additionally, most students pack their things in the quickest possible way imaginable; throwing random items into a box until it is full. The main way you can help students move is by helping students find inexpensive ways to move. Everyone knows students are on tight budgets, so every penny saved can make a huge difference in a student’s monthly budget.

One thing to keep in mind is that the student you are helping move may have only moved once in his or her entire lifetime. Some of your most valuable advice and suggestions will come from your years of experience as an adult. At times, younger individuals are stubborn and do not like to listen to those with more worldly experience; try building trust by making early practical suggestions. By doing this, you will earn the trust of the student you are helping move. Additionally, having trust in each other will make the moving process quicker and much more efficient.

Here are some helpful moving tips that will make any move efficient, safe, less expensive, and stress free. First, start planning for a move at least three to four weeks in advance of the actual move date. Second, make sure to carefully pack fragile and breakable items such as dishes, televisions, glass items, collectibles, computers, and any other items that have the potential to break during a move. Third, never rush into making a moving related decision; rushing into decisions only leads to regret at a later date. Make sure to relay these simple messages to the student you are helping move, these three steps will save a lot of time and energy in the moving process.

While the above tips are very helpful, there are still unpredictable situations that may arise while moving. If the student you are helping has many heavy objects that need to be moved, suggest hiring student movers. Every college town has students looking to make some extra money. Often time students even start their own businesses on campus or in the surrounding area. Chances are you will be able to find some inexpensive moving help if you can locate one of these companies.

Another thing you can propose to the student you are helping is to share a rental truck. Chances are the student you are helping move has friends in the surrounding area that are all moving on or around the same day. If all of these moves could be coordinated, everyone could save a lot of money. If four people share a truck, the rental price is greatly reduced for each individual participating, and the need for hired help is eliminated as all four individuals can help each other move. Overall, using these tips and suggestions should make your next student move stress free, inexpensive, and easily manageable.