Move with a Plan

Moving to a new home can be a very exciting time. The anticipation of being in a new dwelling is fantastic, but one should not overlook the task at hand, the actual physical move. Finding a new place can be hard enough, however the planning process of transporting all of the belongings is a whole other aspect. Many things need to be considered prior to diving into the endeavor. Without a well thought out plan of attack, the move can be more of a headache than a pleasure. It is highly recommended to think of all aspects right down to the last kitchen dish before starting the move.

The first thing that needs to be deciphered is whether or not a moving company will be the best route, or doing it by one’s self. House movers can certainly be a luxury. Although it tends to cost a bit more, they take care of all the grunt work associated with moving. There are many different types of these companies at one’s disposal. Depending on how much work or time one has or wants to put into the move will dictate which type of service to utilize. For example, if in a time crunch, a moving service can be hired to come in and pack all items in the house and then move them. However, if someone has more time on their hands, they can pack up everything and just have the movers transport all the things to the new place.

In all actuality, budgeting for the move is a very important aspect so hiring movers might not be the best solution. If money is not an issue, than a moving company is by far the best route, however many do not have the extra disposable income. If this is the case, they must do it on their own. Although a lot more work, moving everything by one’s self can be easily done with the right equipment. Figuring out exactly what is needed prior to starting will help immensely. Some things to consider with moving supplies are boxes, tape, a dolly, and rental truck. All of these items will be ideal for a successful move.

Once those items are obtained, it is time to pack. Properly packing the items will ensure that nothing is damaged during transport and can make the unpacking process at the new home much easier. In addition, if heavy appliances are being moved, a dolly is absolutely necessary. Rather than struggling to carry heavy items, let the dolly do the work. In addition, renting the right size of moving truck is vital. One can decipher how large or small of a van is needed based on number of bedrooms and rooms. Most rental companies can give a good estimation of what size is needed based that criteria. Finally, it is also important to recruit friends and family early. Having a good amount help will also make things go easier. Normally, payment will be soda and pizza which can be very economical. Lay out a plan, and enjoy the new place!