A Guide to Hiring Professional Movers

There are several choices when you’re making a move to a new house, apartment of office, and each has its pros and cons. The choices we will look at are:

The cheapest, yet most stressful choice is using your own vehicle to make the move. This means that not only have you done all the packing, and then the unpacking of the boxes, but you will be doing multiple trips of loading and unloading your vehicle. While doing this same type of move with several friends and their vehicles, it is still rather stressful, but the load is spread over several people thus eliminating some of the stress from you. Another con for either of these choices is that if you don’t have a truck or SUV you will have a hard time moving large pieces of furniture to your new location.

Renting a trailer for your car or a box truck is a great alternative to using just your own vehicle. While there is an additional cost, it is minimal and in most cases renting one for a day or two is about the cost of a tank of gas for most cars. The advantages to doing this is you can most often make one single trip, there will be no problems moving large pieces of furniture, and if you can gather a bunch of friends loading and unloading can go quickly. There are some drawbacks of course, you will need to put gas in the truck and return it with the same amount it left with. If you don’t have a bunch of friends to help loading and unloading the truck or trailer can be tedious, and if you live in or are moving to a city parking that truck on the street close to your new place can be a difficult task.

The most expensive, but often the best choice for any type of move is hiring professional movers. Typically the professionals will only do the loading and unloading of the truck, eliminating the bulk of the heavy work from your shoulders, but there are some moving companies that will do both the packing and unpacking for you if you don’t have the time or ability to do it yourself. The pros for hiring professionals is of course less work and stress for you, your stuff will most often be placed in the room you’re going to put it in any way when it is unloaded, and when it comes to the issue of street parking in a city for unloading, it isn’t your problem. The only real con to this is of course the cost which can run from $400 to well in the thousands of dollars depending on the distance of the move and any extra fees you have to pay for special services. Hopefully you find this movers guide useful in picking moving professionals for your next move.