When Your New House Is Not Completed

The paragraphs that follow will enlighten you as to how to face the situation without any difficulty, in the coming days.

You are building a dream house which is nearing completion. You are compelled to move out of your present house very soon as you had committed to your landlord well in advance. But, the new house is likely to take a little longer than expected and you are mentally stressed as to how to handle the situation. You do not want to stay longer in the current house as it will warrant additional rent payment, which you are not willing to do. Any extra expenses incurred on the old house would mean that you may have to curtail some finishing work of the new house.

The new house is in such a condition that you are not in a position to keep all your belongings there. You can live there and keep only bare minimum items of daily requirement until the house is completed in all aspects. Are you worried as to what you should do with the remaining belongings once you have vacated the current rented accommodation? Incidentally, there are some moving companies which not only take care of shifting your belongings but also ensure their safety in specially designed storage houses and will move them to your residence only when you instruct them to. Don’t you think this works out fine and solves your problems too?

Contact all the known people in your area as well as consult your colleagues about various Moving and Storage companies working in your area. Also, the best option in the circumstances would be to go online and to collect the quotes of Moving supplies companies. Choose the company that is known for its efficiency and customer service as well as safe keeping of your belongings. Entrust the task of packing and shifting to the company and execute the agreement in writing.

Now that the safety of your items is not a worry any more, all you need to do is make a list of all those items which have to kept in safe custody until they can be moved to the new house. Make another list of purely essential items which you would need as soon as you go to the new house. There may be some which do not fall in either category. Dispose such items in a garage sale and keep the money for future expenses. Seek the advice of your family members too in case of any doubt. Now that everything has been arranged systematically, take minimum items with you and live in the new house. The remaining items will follow once the house and the interiors are ready and then you may arrange them as per your plan.