Acquiring and Comparing Moving Quotes

There are many different services offered by moving companies. It is very important that you get an accurate moving quotes for the services you desire. Very often, there are disputes between customers and moving companies because there was not a clear understanding regarding what was included in a quote. It is essential that individuals moving know all the proper questions to ask before ever signing a contract with a moving company. Never feel ashamed to ask questions; persistence in asking questions will save time and energy during your move.

When you call a moving company to get an initial quote, it is essential that you be as honest and thorough as possible when describing your destination and possessions that need to be moved. If you have large, bulky items that are hard to maneuver, mention these items to the individual generating your quote. Additionally, if during your previous move, you remember an item that was particularly cumbersome, mention it as well. In the end, the moving company will more than likely have some surcharges added to your bill unless you are completely honest and thorough at the time your quote is generated.

A good idea is to brainstorm a list of difficult to move items before calling moving companies for quotes. It is recommended that when moving, an individual receive at least five different quotes from different moving companies. Make sure that all quotes are comparable in terms of what is covered. It does not make any sense to have an array of quotes providing different services. A collection of these quotes will not assist you in finding the best bargain, so make sure quotes received generally account for comparable services.

Depending on how far individual is moving, there are typically two different types of moves; an in town move, and a cross country move. In an in town move the moving company typically comes to your residence and hauls your things to a new location. In a cross country move, it is common for the moving company to move your items to a holding facility before being moved to your new residence. Some cross country moving companies charge a by the pound fee. It is very important that you request to be present when the moving company weighs your possessions; total weight is often one of the main items disputed in a cross country move.

Depending on the final package you select, you may have to box your own items, or the moving company may pack your possessions in your own home. It is also a good idea to be present when the moving company packs your goods, to make sure nothing is broken or stolen. Once your items are packed and loaded onto a moving truck, the only thing left to do is drive to your new residence. One last piece of advice is to always have a detailed moving quote in writing from the movers you select. If there are any disputes or problems with the move, having a contract in writing will help you resolve the issue in swift manner.