Tips to Keep in Mind While Preparing to Move

When individuals or families think about moving, something that often hinders them is the thought of the actual process of moving. Although it can be a long, grueling process, people often make silly mistakes that could have easily been avoided. Common problems are: procrastination, being unorganized, laziness and trying to do too much yourself. Some easy to remember moving tips are: start early!, hire help, and stay organized. Even if you are normally a procrastinator and unorganized, this is the one time to try extra hard to avoid these habits.

A lot of people in the moving process don’t think it is necessary to hire a crew to help and try to do everything themselves. However, hiring movers is a great way to make the process more efficient, quick, and painless; all of which add up to tremendous help during this stressful time. . Although some individuals are fans of supporting small businesses, this is one case in which it pays to hire a crew from a franchise. Often local companies will hire cheap help which makes for a nervous time when having strangers pack your precious belongings.

A personal story regarding moving crews is when my family moved from Arizona to Minnesota. With a family of four and two young children at the time, of course my parents hired help to move all of our belongings. We hired out of a local company and later found out that the employees were paid cash and only worked temporarily for the company. Although we tried to keep an eye on things as best we could, in the process of unpacking we realized a handful of possessions missing. I would not wish this unfortunate experience on anyone and for that reason I always recommend hiring from a franchise rather than a local company.


A good way to do a bit of research on moving crews is the internet. Some aspects to keep in mind when searching companies are price, reliability, longevity of company, and number of employees. Real people write about their experiences on the internet and it is a good way to get an idea of the quality of a moving company. These are all outlets for people having experienced various companies to write and warn or recommend others to moving crews.

Altogether, things to keep in mind when setting up for a move are: no procrastination, keep well organized, and hire movers. Furthermore, it’s more than just hiring movers, make sure to do your research and hire reliable movers who will help, not hinder the process. Moving, for some, can be a life-altering experience and any steps that can be taken to help the move should be taken. Although moving can be stressful, long, and a pain, help yourself out by avoiding simple mistakes. Keeping all of these things in mind will surely help make the moving process relatively simple and painless.