A Guide to the 'Right' Steps to Take During a Relocating Move

Moving can be a formidable experience for any responsible person, however, knowing your rights as a moving customer can help alleviate the stress caused by this daunting experience. As with any important task, there are set of 'rights' and 'wrongs.' This article will focus on some of the most helpful 'moving rights' to guide you through this always tedious, but often necessary task.

First, you should decide if you will be moving yourself, or if you will require the assistance of a moving company. There are many helpful site on the internet to help you chose a moving company and receive moving quotes based upon where you currently live, where you will be moving, and how much assistance you will need / desire. For the purposes of this article, we will assume you will be using a moving company.

You can save money if you do most of the packing yourself. Moving companies charge a lot of money for packing supplies and the labor involved. This can also help you create an inventory, as we will discuss later. If is good to start packing well before the move takes place. That way, unused items can be put away sooner, and the most used items can be packed last, and unpacked first.

After carefully researching the various companies, you should decide on the service that will most accurately fit your needs. Carefully read all paperwork and contracts involved in the hiring process and be sure and keep copies for yourself. You will most likely need to refer to them often during the move as situations arise, so it is best to keep a copy in a moving briefcase along with other important documents necessary to have close to you (not packed). Contents may include copies of car insurance, health insurance, birth certificates, licenses, mortgage/rental paperwork, important phone numbers, map of the new area, bank information, etc. The originals can be safety packed with other papers.

You should research all applicable laws for it may be necessary to obtain a moving license or permit. This is usually the case when move from state to state or long distances. You will also want to decide of the moving companies insurance policy is adequate to cover the value of your property. In most cases, it is not, and you will need to check with your local insurance company to purchase additional insurance.

It is good to keep an inventory of all things the moving company is responsible for during the move. This inventory should be checked by both you and the moving company during the packing process and signed by both parties before the move commences. This will also help in the unpacking and organizing process.

All in all, moving should be a pleasant experience, as it usually indicates a fresh start. If you stay well informed, moving will be just another stepping stone for the path of life you are traveling. Best wishes to you during your travels.