Shifting within the City

The present house must have been quite convenient when there were only two of you. But, when the first child arrived, it must have felt a little small but you must have managed. With the arrival of second child, the space constraint must have been felt all the more and now that the children are growing up; they need a study room as well as a bed room of their own. Since you are doing well too officially and financially, it is only prudent that you think of shifting to a bigger accommodation in another area.

You must have already finalized the new rented accommodation with the help of the local broker. You are happy that your children’s school bus operates in that area too and one worry is already off your shoulders. While you are finalizing the house, remember to have a proper written agreement regarding rent, advance payment and duration of the lease to check against any kind of misunderstanding or confusion later. Once that is done, it is time to start planning on the final move in a meticulous manner.

Shifting of any kind, whether it is long distance or local requires planning and judicious prioritization on your part. At the outset, make a foolproof list of all the items in the house and think of disposing those that you would not need. The money thus earned will come in handy later. You must have made enough friends in your area over the years and now it is time to seek their in advising you about the Area Movers who would extend every kind of help needed during shifting your personal effects. Also, use the benefits of an internet and look for all those Movers who can offer competitive quotes to shift your belongings. Finalize the one which has good track record and customer service.

You should note to entrust the task of thorough packing, loading, unloading as well as rearranging all the items in the new house to the movers in the beginning itself. You may now concentrate on other important tasks like clearing all pending payments, if any, so that you are not unnecessarily chased later on account of unpaid bills. Inform your landlord about your final date of shifting and note to hand over the keys before vacating the house. Notify all your neighbors before your leave and you may now enjoy your future days in a bigger house with your loved ones.

Prepare a through check-list of items to be shifted and entrust the job of supervision to some of your trusted workers. You may in turn attend to the task of notifying all your customers and other acquaintances about your new office and change of address. Settle the final rent for the premises before moving out and also other pending bills, if any. Take leave of all your neighbors in the building and thank them for their support and help all these years. Start your business in the new place with all zeal and fervor.